Our History

Machine Protection ShieldAs a young boy, Jack Reiter came to understand the importance of machine safety.  When his father operated their home table saw, a board began to bind, then kicked back, detaching most of his right thumb while he was fumbling to find the “Off” switch. This moment in time was etched in Jack’s and his father’s minds, and with it came a determination to guard machines properly to avoid these types of accidental injuries.

Jack and his father began designing a rough prototype of the new hands-free emergency stop and, over the next number of years, refined their concept. After his father became seriously ill and unable to work, Jack redoubled his efforts and founded his first safety company, ReiTech, in 1994. He then went on to complete the design of the new standardized, hands-free emergency stop control he and his father had worked tirelessly on for so many years.

As the company grew, they realized the need for better tools to help guide users through the difficult task of machine inspection and documentation, and with that, Machine Safety Management was formed. With experience in machine safety including Best New Products awards, expert witness testimony, and service on the ANSI B11 19 committee on machine guarding, Machine Safety Management and ReiTech have come to be known as “The Experts in Machine Safety”.

Machine Safety Management is built on a passion that cares first for people, is persistent and flexible in finding a solution, and humbly knows that even the most well trained operators need protection.  With decades of machine safety expertise and an unmatched breadth of simple-to-use products and services, Machine Safety Management helps to protect operators and organizations by helping them develop a proactive safety program with properly documented due diligence.

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Winner of the 2015 ASSE Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management

2015 Innovation Award