Why Use MSM?

towerGuardMachine Safety Management is a fitting name. It is our core passion and purpose in everything we do, and the only thing we focus on. We believe that every machine safety accident is preventable.

As a fellow safety professional you have probably heard the statistics. Every 8 seconds someone in the US is injured using a table saw and there is a long list of unnecessary injuries on other types of equipment. Machine guarding is a top ten OSHA citation and recent research in Ontario showed it to be the number one violation in schools — more than five times the next closest citation. Employers are required to produce an environment of safety and, as safety professionals, we are all passionate about helping to ensure that every machine operator is accident-free.

Machine Safety Management can help you achieve this goal. We offer a full service machine safety solution. Our process and expertise will help guide you from initial audit to compliance by conducting machine audits, documenting audit results in our robust management software (including photos, location, and machine condition), recommending and producing solutions to help you become compliant, and by providing trained experts for installation.

What make us unique are our decades of machine safety expertise, the breadth of our simple and complete machine safety solutions, and our ability to help ensure the customer is taken care of during the initial machine guarding process — with continued on-going support and guidance into the future.

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Winner of the 2015 ASSE Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management

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